Welcome to Bronson Chiropractic
and Acupuncture Clinic (BC&A) of
the Triad. The purpose of this
website is to acquaint you with
Dr. Amy Bronson, the services
provided and the focus of the
practice. You will learn what it means
to achieve optimal health and how to participate in and take responsibility for your health and well being.


An atmosphere has been created that promotes healing for all areas of your health. The focus of the practice is not to treat your symptoms but to get to the root of your health issues.


Whether you suffer from chronic pain and illness or are searching for ways to better your health, you have options at BC&A. Because Dr. Bronson considers the whole body, she can develop a personal program that's right for you.


Doctors Call Functional Medicine The Key To Wellness. Michelle Kennedy of WXII 12 News interviews Dr. Bronson for this story on Functional Medicine.


The office is located at 4526 Country Club Road in Winston-Salem, NC. The healing process begins the moment you walk into the office. To quote a patient, “the melding of eastern and western medicine is evident in both the reception area and the treatment rooms. They are a reflection of Dr. Bronson’s lifelong study of both. The selection of music, décor and even the reading material all support Dr. Bronson's philosophy of treating the "whole" patient."
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BC& A is a clinic offering many complimentary and alternative options for the care and treatment of patients. Functional Medicine and Nutrition are used to address chronic pain, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, and allergies as well as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, etc.

Acupuncture is used in the treatment of pain, arthritis, digestive issues, allergies and other autoimmune diseases.
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What Is a therapeutic lifestyle center? In 2007, Dr. Bronson's clinic became a designated Therapeutic Lifestyle Center of Excellence. Dr. Bronson is a certified Lifestyle Educator and Coach. She received her training and certification in FirstLine Therapy in 2005.

"I started with Functional Medicine training in 1998 and this has become my primary focus of diagnosis and treatment. The patient-centered focus of Functional Medicine and now FirstLine Therapy provides a scientific evaluation and treatment approach to chronic health problems suffered by my patients." A matrix of specialized testing and evaluation combined with customized treatment programs is used to care for chronic health problems and also to promote healthy aging.
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