12 Years of Care… for Kids & Mom. Dr. Amy Bronson – 'Dr B.' as my kids and I call her – has been part of our life for more than ten years.


When my son was a toddler, I turned to Dr B. in the off chance that chiropractic care could stave off surgery for chronic ear infections. Before long, ear infections were a thing of the past.


When I was pregnant with my second child, Dr. B. helped me through routine aches and pains… and then the stress and recovery of a breech baby and c-section. Little Sophie had her first Dr. B visit at 2 weeks old!


Since then, Dr. B has seen the kids regularly, keeping them healthy and healing from routine childhood injury and illness.


As for me… Dr. B. has been part of my routine care all along. Regular chiropractic adjustments and periodic acupuncture have helped me stay strong and well. But two crisis points have made me a bigger believer.


A sudden bout of vertigo and dizziness was diagnosed as migraine and something to manage/live with. Dr. B. found a problem with neck vertebrae. One visit, I could see straight again. Several visits, I was on the mend. Along with some physical therapy, exercise and routine care, my neck problems are well in check.


A year ago, something vague was happening. I was tired, edgy and couldn't focus. Normally a motivated, can't-stop person, I was exhausted and sad. My hormones seemed off. Was it "normal" pre-menopause? Was I depressed? How could I work and take care of my family and do the things I wanted to do if I had no energy?


One day, it dawned on me that I was told I was mildly hypothyroid years ago… could this be the problem? I worked with a supportive gynecologist, an endocrinologist, and Dr. B to figure out what was going on. With Dr. B, I turned to functional medicine to address what turned out to be Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and underlying issues. With nutrition shifts, supplements and acupuncture, I felt better in weeks and "like myself" in months. Rather than just masking the thyroid dysfunction with conventional treatments, I am boosting my body's ability to heal and return to health.


I'm a big believer in Dr. B's combination of functional medicine, chiropractic and acupuncture.

~ Rebecca

“I have had severe lower back pains for over twenty-five years. My attempts to remedy this deficiency have included a plethora of approaches, ranging from numerous different chiropractors to special chairs, cushions, pillows, etc. I even bought an attachment for my vacuum cleaner once to help alleviate the pain. Nothing worked. I had reconciled myself to the inevitable. My back is going to "go out" so many times a year. I have learned to live with it. This means that sometimes I am literally crooked. I speak literally, not figuratively. When I went to see my medical doctor, he laughed because I was crooked and gave me a prescription for muscle relaxers. Again, I have simply learned to live with this condition. I even run crooked, which brings me to Dr. Amy.

I recently turned 50. When this happened in May, I was training for a marathon to celebrate this milestone. My back went out, but this time my pain was so severe that I was afraid to even sneeze. As I sauntered about my office one day in my pitiful condition, one of my coworkers mentioned that he had an amazing chiropractor. I remember thinking, "been there, done that." But then again, my situation was so dire that I was close to asking a stranger to help me put on my socks at the gym earlier that day. I was so desperate even acupuncture was an option and I absolutely hate any kind of needle.

When I arrived, Molly had just started and was so eager to have me see Dr. Amy. I wanted to back out, but I had promised my wife and adult kids that I would get this done. The way I figured it, I would visit once. The pain would not even midly abate, and I would just live with my pain (quietly). Boy was I wrong. Not only did the needles not hurt, I began to feel relief within the first week. The treatments were soothing and pleasant. I am now a veteran – it's been two months, and I feel better than I have in at least a couple of decades. I still don't believe that "50 is the new "40," but I am running faster than I did when I was in my mid-twenties. Dr. Amy has changed my life. I have been taught how to stretch, and move so I don't cause undo injury to my lower back. I now know when to use heat vs. ice. Bottom line – I am now "back" smart and happy.

The best part is Dr. Amy encouraged me to change my diet to accelerate the healing process. I truly feel like a new man. My concentration is better, and I sleep all night now. Who knows – my hair might even grow back.

If I had lots of money, I would pay for all my family and friends to see Dr. Amy. Well, I am not rich so all I can do is refer anyone who will listen to me to see her asap. I plan to see her for as long as she practices. If I move from the area, I guess I will have to find a cheap flight to the Triad."

~ Kyal

"Just because a person eats healthy (as I have always done), doesn't necessarily mean that a person can't have an allergic reaction to some of the foods. Dr. Bronson helped me modify my eating habits (through her extensive questionnaire) and identify some of the foods that would irritate my digestive system. I can't say enough of how much Dr. Amy Bronson and Sherry Thompson, her office assistant, have helped me. I feel like a new person with Dr. Bronson's personal treatments designed for my health issues and their overall caring attitude. Dr. Bronson and Sherry never once doubted that I had serious problems that were affecting my health. Instead they listened carefully..."

~ Gerald

"I had been diagnosed with several bulging cervical discs in the past and had had success with physical therapy. I loved tennis and did not want to give up my new passion, but physical therapy was not the panacea it had been in the past. I was particularly impressed when I heard that Dr. Bronson would assess x-rays of her patients before she would even start treatment. It is clear from the moment you walk into Dr. Amy Bronson's office that this is a practice that truly treats the "whole" patient. The melding of Eastern and Western medicine is evident in the aesthetic of the waiting room and treatment rooms. It is a reflection of Dr. Bronson's lifelong study of both. I cannot believe the difference the acupuncture has made!!! Not only has it totally eradicated my neck and shoulder pain but my tennis serve is back."

~ Nora

"The supplements and acupuncture have REBUILT me. I no longer take a HRT for menopause that I was on for 9 years. I'm able to work out again. I am the healthiest that I have been in 20 years."

~ Debra

"Through proper nutrition and supplements Dr. Bronson afforded me the opportunity to feel a sense of well-being again. At age 53 I simply did not understand how much better a person could feel.

Applying her knowledge of functional medicine Dr. Bronson kept my blood sugar balanced throughout each day. That meant no more headaches or lack of energy mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This alone has been incredible. I suffered from migraines most of my life. I have not experienced a migraine over the 3-year period I have followed this new path of wellness.

As a healthcare professional of 32 years I felt I was capable of managing my own diet. I have always tried to eat well and exercise. I had no idea such a significant change would occur as my knowledge of  nutrition evolved. Allowing Dr. Bronson to intervene with such unparalleled expertise was a Godsend. She taught me there is a conventional food pyramid, and then there is TRUE nutrition. The difference between them is vast, and your very life and all its vitality hinges on having that awareness.

Magnificent work! Bless you."

~ Michael

"We never knew from one minute to the next if I would be able to walk, talk, or get out of bed due to debilitating headaches and an unexplained neurological problem. I started each day covered from head to toe in hives that would come and go throughout the day. Sleep was impossible because I couldn't get in a position that didn't cause terrible pain in my arms. Then my husband suggested I see a new internist. She referred me to Dr. Bronson, and that was the beginning of my recovery. Within 3 days of starting the elimination diet, my hives had diminished. I started weaning off my neurontin. Within one week, my hives had disappeared all together. My energy started to return. I weaned off my neurotin completely! I was so excited! Even my arm pain was some better. Then we began my acupuncture. After one treatment, I was able to sleep through the night without pain! It was a miracle! My husband and I were so happy we cried! I finally feel like myself again! I'm able to sleep, to play with my children, to go on vacations and enjoy myself, to go through my day without pain - no more hives, no more headaches, no more swelling, no more facial droop, no more numbness, no more arm pain. I truly believe that my diet has had the most effect on my health. Thank you Dr. Bronson and Sherry!! You've given my family the best gift you could have ever given. You've given them the wife and mom they've been living without for a long time. You've given me a miracle."
~ Shelia
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